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I want to build on this man's work:

Dental Health

The Future of Dental Health

The Tooth is a Living Entity

I can't find the study anywhere, but I remember reading an article showing that mice who never digested carbohydrates still got cavities if they were injected with glucose solution, causing a glycemic response and leading to type 2 diabetes.

Regenerating Teeth Instead of Filling Them

Vaccine for Cavities

Root Canal

Even Dentin is Capable of Recalcification

Quality Dental Work Makes a Big Difference

Until the future is available, you may have to make due with what is available in the present. We would likely have better solutions already, but there is little capital initiative for investing in solutions, much like there is little capital initiative to end wars (think military-industrial complex).

Some cavities are beyond hope and have to be filled in the present, using medieval technology. It is important that they be filled correctly. Composite fillings should be applied in many layers, or they will develop a gap between filling and tooth, leading to the development of a cavity under the filling. Read more

Choosing the Right Toothpaste

You only need baking soda. You can also mix it with coconut oil and peppermint essential oil, but just plain baking soda works. It's actually not abrasive on the teeth: look up “relative dentin abrasivity” (RDA)1. It is a bit abrasive on the gums, however, so having it premixed in oil helps. “Oil Pulling” is it's own thing, although I don't know if there is science behind it.

Baking soda is basic on the PH scale, and will neutralize the acidic plaque. The acid created by plaque removes minerals in your tooth's hard, outer enamel, and the PH of baking soda counteracts this. It also acts as an antibacterial, because certain bacteria cannot tolerate the high PH. 12

I'm glad there are some dentists that agree:

“ …the timing of when it is used in relation to a dietary sugar exposure is critical in that the sooner its used the greater the benefit in preventing a sustained biofilm pH decrease and subsequent demineralization. “
” Although promising, there is the need for more evidence that strategies that modify the oral ecology, such as baking soda, can alter the cariogenic (acidogenic and aciduric) properties of biofilm microorganisms. ” source

I've been trying to find a reason, backed by research, why baking soda might be bad. For example, how high of a PH could be bad? However, maybe the reason I can't find anything, is because baking soda is not harmful.

Commercial toothpaste is bad news. Just look up each ingredient on its own. There are some nicer alternatives without SLS, but I prefer to keep it simple and use baking soda. I use Bob Red Mill's brand because they advertise that theirs isn't contaminated with chemicals. Flouride is bad for you (see If you have some other toothpaste you use that doesn't suck, get in touch.

Something I'm going to read later:

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